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Winslow Davis

The Winslow Davis Ensemble​ is more than just a violin, guitar, bass, keys, and drums. It’s a fusion of stories that twist together and cry out to be heard as one, layering textures of rock and soul into a captivating musical conversation.

Before Winslow Davis formed the ensemble in 2013, he had wrestled with both a passion and fear of his musical ability since the age of 11. Shortly before the ensemble was born, Winslow decided to play the violin just for enjoyment, and it was at that moment when his true voice began to break through. Picking up the electric violin in 2012, Winslow now brings his unique blend of emotion and curiosity to each performance, whether as a soloist at regional weddings, art festivals, and corporate events, or as the anchor of his ensemble gigs at restaurants, bars, and museum soirees.

In addition to creating original layered pieces, the eclectically-­centered Winslow Davis Ensemble also performs covers from a similarly varied array of solid household­-name artists spanning the decades, ranging from George Gershwin, BB King, the Goo Goo Dolls and the Rolling Stones to Christina Perry, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, the Police, Dave Matthews, and John Legend.

The current members that create the ensemble’s intriguing synergy include Cameron Fish on drums, John Knox on electric guitar, Mike McAlister on bass, and Zeb Worlund on keyboard. 


WInslow released his first CD in 2013 that includes both solo and ensemble pieces, ​ and hopes to return to the studio to record their latest original music.

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